Finding Fresh Ways

What I Am Offering...

...are possibilities to become healthy sustainably. A life in balance and economic security are a natural basis for that. To work on these is also the first step in our work together.

Healthy in Mind and Body

Through individual conversations we find obstacles and problems and work on possible solutions. In the process we will find specific approaches you can explore independently.

Healthy in Your Profession and Self-Employment

I teach courses in professional further education and provide consulting for entrepreneurs.

A clear goal is required in order to become successfull. To set you and your enterprise upon the »true« way we consult your ideas and dreams and create viable concepts for your success.

Healthy Through Satisfaction

A profitable alternative to the classic labor model »Time for Money«: an independent job, support by a successfull team, free choice of time exposure.

»Get rewarded by your referrals!«

Rich possibilities of unfolding and developing—not only for yourself—lie ahead.